There are many reasons to link historical records:
Build a consistent genealogy from multiple GEDCOM files
Reconstitute a population using church baptism, marriage and death records
Study population trends using data from multiple census years

Who needs record linking services?
Family groups/websites
Historical societies
Academic departments 

What type of data can be linked? 
Almost any digitized data which contains information about individuals
Census records
Birth, death and marriage civil records
Baptism, Burial and marriage church records
Family information in GEDCOM format, or other popular html formats
Land records, probate records 

Why use a service for your record linking project?
Record linking is a complex job and the time to gain the expertise necessary to evaluate available software packages and/or develop linking software of your own is often prohibitive. Software packages are often thousands, if not several thousands of dollars and you still require local technical expertise to utilize them. We have the expertise and software to start working on your job right away. No need to wait months or years before publishing your linked data or beginning your important data specific analysis. 

No matter what type of data you have, we can help you link your records. We provide a cost-effective service that helps you every step of the way.

Software and services for record linking projects. Specializing in family and historical data.
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